Tableau for Data-Driven Decision Makers (v1.0)

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As data acquisition, access, analysis, and reporting are interwoven with our businesses and lives, more and more data is collected about business and personal activities. This abundance of data and the computing power to analyze it has increased the use of data analysis and data visualization across a broad range of job roles. Decision makers of all types, including managers and executives, must interact with, interpret, and develop reports based on data and analysis provided to them. Tableau® software is designed for data analysis and the creation of visualizations. Data analysts prepare data, perform initial analysis, and create visualizations that are then passed on to business data-driven decision makers. These decision makers can use Tableau's tools to explore the data, perform further analysis to find new insights, make decisions, and create customized reports to share their findings.  

Learning Objectives

In this course, you will explore, analyze, and customize reports and visualizations in Tableau to discover new insights, showcase those insights, and share them. You will:
  • Explore Tableau reports.
  • Analyze data to get answers and insights.
  • Sort and group data for analysis and reporting.
  • Filter views.
  • Prepare reports.
  • Troubleshoot, collaborate, and share views and analysis.

Course Details

Course Outline

1 - Lesson 1: Exploring Tableau Reports
  • Topic A: Data Analysis Workflow with Tableau
  • Topic B: Explore Views
  • Topic C: Edit Workbooks
2 - Lesson 2: Analyzing Data to Get Answers and Insights
  • Topic A: Configure Marks with the Marks Card
  • Topic B: Ask New Questions by Changing Aggregation
  • Topic C: Find Answers with Calculations
  • Topic D: Answer Questions with Table Calculations
3 - Lesson 3: Sorting and Grouping Data for Analysis and Reporting
  • Topic A: Sort Data
  • Topic B: Group Data
4 - Lesson 4: Filtering Views
  • Topic A: Filter Data to Refine Analysis
  • Topic B: Create Interactive Filters for Reports
5 - Lesson 5: Preparing Reports
  • Topic A: Format and Annotate Views to Tell Your Story
  • Topic B: Emphasize Data in Reports
  • Topic C: Animate Visualizations for Clarity
6 - Lesson 6: Troubleshooting, Sharing, and Collaborating
  • Topic A: Troubleshoot Data Issues
  • Topic B: Collaborate in Tableau Online
  • Topic C: Collaborate with Non-Tableau Users

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